Wednesday, 2 August 2017


and in a pair to my last blog here are some of the things out at the moment....

Sunday, 30 July 2017


With just over a month until the garden opens for the NGS things are beginning to look pretty good!

The following are some of the amazing leaves....

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Upcoming NGS Gardens you should visit in Camberwell/Clapham

I wanted to highlight a few gardens that are opening for the NGS soon.

This weekend are two lovely neighbouring gardens at 81 and 83 Camberwell Grove, London, SE5

I love both as they are in a beautiful bit of Camberwell Road which is the heart of old Camberwell. As two neighbouring gardens you can also see how differently they use the space and the planting and design are great, and tea and cake fabulous!

Sunday 16 July (2 - 6pm), 81&83 Camberwell Grove

The weekend after are two gardens in Clapham which are well worth a visit. The first is Waynes garden which is kind of bonkers! it is the most densely planted garden you will ever see as inbetween the plants are pots and more pots!

On the same day is 2 Littlebury Road, also in Clapham. A new NGS garden which was featured on Monty Dons Big Dreams Small Spaces

Monday, 12 June 2017


There is nothing like peak NGS garden visiting season to make a boy get out into the garden! 

Things are actually looking pretty good at the mo, everything has been planted out and the early summer heat has made things really get going! There is nothing nicer than a newly unfurled banana leaf, I even have my first Dahlias flowering...

This year these Tetrapanax leaves are HUGE

The jungle terrace with the Musa sikkimensis the tallest they have ever been

Im rather excited to try out this Rodgerisa and Petasites in pots on the terrace, and so far they are super lush and jungly

On Musa basjoo is flowering, but it has no leaves!

Geranium psilostemum...the flower has an amazing colour

A riot of escapee Scotch thistles and verbascums 

Digitalis canariensis

Digitalis parviflora about to flower..

Sunday, 12 March 2017

March: I'm back! current growth and an overview of how things were protected

Sorry for being a rubbish blogging is a bit like the garden in that as the year begins and plods on there is loads to do and everything is exciting. The season then reaches its climax and I sit back and enjoy it, and then as winter extends its icy grasp I hide inside and put off thoughts of doing anything until the new year.

Suddenly it is once again sunny and things are growing again, including about a million sycamore seedlings. Being outside with the sun warming your soul and earth between your fingers is an amazing tonic and the oomph has returned. In this post a few pictures of how things are at the moment and a bit of an overview of how the more tender things have been looked after

So much of what makes the garden is annual growth and things are pretty desolate at the moment

One thing looking amazing is giant fennel....a bit of an experiment and something I grew from seed. They emerge at this time of the year as a huge frothy mound and then die as summer starts. Below the Tetrapanax starts to re-emerge

This is the sparce terrace with the Schleffera keeping us entertained. The big Musa sikkimensis are still wrapped for winter in fleece and covered by a piece of bubblewrap, very loosely, to keep the rain off. In the corner is a simple plastic greenhouse to keep the worst of the cold off in a very sheltered part of the sunken terrace. 

Although it is incredibly moist due to rain draining into the area and huge amounts of condensation, things have survived.

The big experiment this year is can I keep the red ensete in pots with leaves and roots and will this get them started quicker than the ones which I chop all the leaves and roots off. This is inspired by my neighbour whom just left his out all winter unprotected and it survived! Amazingly so far they all look fine. 

This is the Ensete whose leaves and roots were removed....looking very sorry for themselves, but alive!

The other place I keep things is in a covered can see the red Ensete and also a tree tomato which is still in leaf. Sadly one of the tropical musas (bordeleon) seems to have rotted at the base

Friday, 21 October 2016


The garden is now firmly in its downwards slide to the end of the year. The Paulownias are loosing their leaves and the bananas are decidedly battered. There is still an overwhelming voluptuousness, and things such as the Cosmos and Nicandra have finally come to life. However, the voluptuousness is more like that of a charismatic drunk trying to make his way home from the pub gradually loosing possessions with a high chance of falling in a ditch

But, there is still a need to enjoy it whilst we can! hopefully Ive got at least another month before the frosts...fingers crossed